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Trio win £150m children’s hospital in Scotland

Nightingale Associates and Tribal Healthcare, working with Principal Supply Chain Partner, BAM Construction have won their second Framework Scotland contract to design the £150m Edinburgh Royal Hospital for Sick Children, for NHS Lothian.

The new 30,000 sqm
Royal Hospital for Sick Children

The 30,000sqm new-build hospital will replace Edinburgh’s existing Royal Hospital for Sick Children in the city centre, and will be situated next to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh on the outskirts of the city.

The development will contain: children and young people’s A&E, day case and inpatient areas; imaging department; outpatients unit; therapy suite: theatre suite; a critical care unit; Child and Adolescent Mental Health day case and inpatient unit; as well as a child and family hotel. Facilities for rehabilitation, education and staff administration will also be developed.

Kieren Morgan, health development director at Nightingale Associates, said: “This is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for the firm and is a significant step forward not just in terms of increasing our reputation in Scotland, but also in building our portfolio of high-profile projects at the cutting-edge of healthcare design. The project will be of immense importance, not just on a national level, but also an international level.”

Nightingale Associates was awarded the contract based on, amongst other things, the innovation displayed in its design, which used new concepts such as ‘cruciform wards’, ‘Sense Sensitive Design’ and single-bed wards.

Morgan continued: “It is extremely important that the design of this building reflects the significance of the project, and that we therefore use and build on our pioneering research completed for the Welsh Designed for Life 'pathfinder' hospitals to ensure that this building is regarded as a benchmark in healthcare design.

“Our solid and far-ranging experience in healthcare architecture ensures that we are well-placed to work closely with NHS Lothian to develop a functional and innovative 21st century hospital.”

The design reflects the
significance of the project
The contract follows the win of the £100m Dumfries Royal Infirmary Hospital bid earlier this year, where the two companies beat stiff competition to be awarded the first ever project through the framework.

Craig Dixon, director of consulting, Tribal said: “It is great to be invited to join the NHS Lothian project team to work in partnership to develop this project. The opportunity to deliver a new hospital to accommodate the wonderful services provided to children of Edinburgh and the surrounding area is one we value.”

The new hospital is part of NHS Lothian’s ten year spending plans, which will see £1bn investment in new hospitals, health centres and infrastructure by March 2019.

Jackie Sansbury, director of strategic planning, NHS Lothian, said: “I am delighted to be able to announce this significant milestone in our journey to create a new world-class hospital for children and young people. NHS Lothian had a difficult choice to make and all of the five principal supply chain partners shortlisted made major efforts to respond appropriately to the needs and wishes of our patients and their families. We are confident that BAM Construction will help us deliver a landmark hospital to match the excellence of the services we aspire to provide.”

Concepts such as ‘cruciform wards’, ‘Sense Sensitive Design’ and single-bed wards
The design stage of the hospital has already begun, and is expected to last for 15 months. Construction is due to start in June 2010, with completion anticipated for December 2012.

Ken McAlpine, director of BAM Construction in Scotland, said: “This is an ambitious and creative project that will literally transform lives. There are very few projects of this scale and nature, not just in the UK but across the world. We are as excited about it as we are honoured to be involved. It is BAM’s ambition not simply to deliver world-class health facilities, but to do so considerately and in a way that involves and respects the community. It also is a unique opportunity to enhance the company’s healthcare presence.”


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