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Poems in the Waiting Room: Wind Farm

First published in the Autumn 2003 issue of Poems in the Waiting Room, Wind Farm was the cover poem for Poetry in Stitches, a joint project with the National Needlework Archive. "This gently teasing poem," explains editor, Isobel Montgomery Campbell, "brings a smile, and to me seems like a metaphor for angels!"

Wind Farm
the great propellors idle
in the evening breeze,
as if the field were just
preparing for departure
needing only favourable
alignment of the anticyclone
to give lift-off, into the teeth
of the Atlantic gale
raising the hillside, scattering
ploughed loam and trailing
filaments of light for all
the farms and villages around.
Tony Lucas  (1941 - )

Permission to publish Wind Farm has been kindly granted by Poems in the Waiting Room, a registered arts in health charity in the UK, which supplies short collections of poems for patients to read while waiting to see their doctor. The poems draw from the springs of well-being and are published quarterly in March, May, September and November each year.

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