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Placemaker: Forward Legacy

Texas-based Legacy ER operates a hybrid programme offering urgent care and 24/7 state-licensed emergency healthcare services.The conceptual framework seeks to capture,aesthetically,the different traits required of the emergency medical professional: outwardly projecting the knowledge, skill, precision and decisiveness needed for the effective practice of emergency medicine, while inwardly reflecting the gentle, empathic and humane qualities associated with quality care.

On the exterior, the building profile extrapolated the conventional residential roof planes. Perforated panels were mapped on to exterior surfaces to allow for diffusive building lighting and solar shading. Zinc was selected for its inherent greyish-blue warmth and resiliency during extreme weather.

In contrast to the zero-edged exterior, the interior blurs the edges of surfaces to receive natural and artificial light via skylights, which are detailed as frameless apertures puncturing through the exterior membrane. Skylights are situated at intersections to form a sensorial system of wayfinding.

Underlying the aesthetic is an efficient design synthesising various evidence-based design research findings without creating a facility that feels overly technical. Spaces for patient care are composed to reduce errors, and workspaces are designed for peer collaboration, patient accessibility, and data privacy.

Interior finishes were selected to comply with regulations to promote cleanliness,while waiting-room furnishings were selected to provide a hospitable variety of seating and activity for all ages.

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