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WHD April 2014 - Available ONLINE

Thursday 1 May 2014 10:03 AM

The April 2014 issue of World Health Design has now been made available online, click here to view

Breifing: In pursuit of a salutogenic society -  Registration is now open for the 10th Design & Health World Congress & Exhibition in Toronto in July

Opinion: Leader - While not every world region is at the same stage in the development of healthcare infrastructure and policies, learnings from the latest design innovations can address a number of common health challenges

Opinion: Standpoint - Tye Farrow expounds the merits of an assets-based approach to causing health so that populations can truly start to thrive

Events & Awards: Traditional meets the modern - Design & Health China 2014 offers a huge opportunity to discuss and develop a new salutogenic vision for our changing world

Projects: Placemaker - The Chris O'Brian Lifehouse redefines the cancer patient experience across a broad continuum of care

Projects: Open Dialogue - High-quality design and finishes are a treatment tool in themselves for mental health facilities focused on recovery, writes Emily Brooks

Market Report: The Promise of Parity - South America’s economic growth and promise of social fairness are key to the development of new health infrastructure

Market Report: Appetite for Reconstruction - Mid-sized general hospitals are coming under threat, but architecture’s ability to offer flexibility is key to the new breed of facilities

Design Solutions: Projects include a new health sciences pavilion in the US, the completion of Singapore’s National Heart Centre, and news of progress in the development of a new Maggie’s cancer centre in Wales

Scientific Review: Intro - John Zeisel seeks out the common threads in this month's scientific papers that will enrich our knowledge and understanding of the relationship between design and health

Scientific Review: Designing for Autism - How design can be used to improve living environments for autistic adults through better understanding of their needs and aspirations

Scientific Review: Reducing Violence and Aggression in A&E - Evaluating the impact of design solutions in reducing hostile and aggressive acts in two A&E departments in England

Scientific Review: Unique Neural Correlates of Nature Stimuli
- A study aimed at identifying the natural correlates of the salutogenic effects of nature

Arts & Culture: Sustainable Healthcare Architecture - Reviewing the second edition of this key resource for practitioners in the field of architecture, design and health, Stephen Verderber says the book’s ambitious presentation of the subject remains unchallenged

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