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Design & Health China 2014 Preliminary Programme Now Available

Tuesday 13 May 2014 3:39 PM
Design & Health China 2014 is an International Symposium dedicated to exploring global salutogenic perspectives on the creation of a healthy society across China.

Organised in partnership with Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, the symposium will he held at the China Science and Technology Museum, National Olympic Park, Beijing, China, 30 October - 1 November 2014.

Click here to find further information, and to download the Preliminary Programme, Online registration will be available soon.

Influenced by western notions of disease treatment but with it medical roots in health preservation, Design and Health China 2014 offers a fascinating opportunity to discuss and develop a new salutogenic vision for our changing world.

In the last century, China has been increasingly exposed to western medical practice based on the pathogenic model of disease diagnosis and treatment. But its historic medical roots can be traced back more than 2,000 years to the methods and concepts applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – a system built on an holistic approach to health preservation that complements today’s salutogenic ambition.

As the disease profile of global societies shifts away from a focus on communicable diseases to non-communicable and lifestyle diseases, TCM and its holistic approaches – which promote the need to correct imbalances and create harmony between mind, body and spirit through healthy living and natural remedies – are seeing a revival in interest. With rapid economic development resulting in ever-larger urban surroundings, the health status of the Chinese people is now integrally linked to the quality of the country’s urban infrastructure and access to clean air, water and soil. By integrating salutogenic design methodologies that promote health and wellbeing with ecological design approaches, architects and developers have a vital role to play in helping China become a more healthy and productive nation.

China’s ability to develop a strong scientific research base, support innovation and enhance productivity through the exploitation of new knowledge will be key to its prosperity. Organised by the International Academy for Design & Health and hosted in Beijing, Design and Health China 2014 will bring together interdisciplinary world experts to share their knowledge in how to create a new salutogenic vision for China.

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