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WHD July 2014 issue published

Monday 28 July 2014 2:47 PM
The July 2014 issue of World Health Design has been published, and features:

Briefing: NEWS - WHD rounds up some of the latest international stories in the field of architecture and design for health

Opinion: Leader - Marc Sansom celebrates the richness of globalisation, but reminds us of the need to retain a sense of cultural identity

Opinion: Standpoint - Alan Dilani calls for global society to adapt by adopting a fresh perspective on health to address the challenges of rapid urbanisation

Events & Awards: Traditional meets the modern - Design & Health China 2014 offers the chance to develop a new salutogenic vision

Projects: Placemaker - Reported to be North America’s first carbon-neutral hospital, St Mary’s Hospital in Canada respects native traditions

Projects: Innocent Response - Children’s hospitals must create supportive space for children, their families and the staff who care for them, says Emily Brooks

INSIGHT: Glocalisation
A special report exploring HDR’s global design approach with a local touch

Market Report: Growing Pains - As China’s economic growth continues apace, urban planning and green policies are gradually gaining in importance

Market Report: Arrested Development? - While some parts of Asia Pacific are undergoing reforms that should lead to healthcare expansion others are facing changes of a more consolidatory nature

Design Solutions: Projects include a £120m medical and education facility in England, a new building in Canada that hosts residential and outpatient services for clergy, and a specialist oncology centre in The Netherlands

Scientific Review: Intro -  John Zeisel reflects on the different research methodologies applied in this issue’s scientific review, and considers that the struggle to understand the impact of design on human health is worth it in the end

Scientific Review: Designing for Dementia - How the application of music in mental health wards can impact the health and wellbeing of patients with dementia

Scientific Review: Heath-promoting Sprawl Mitigation - A comparative study of two shopping malls in North America, examining the impact of sprawl on public health

Scientific Review: Enhancement of Daylighting and External View
- A study aimed at identifying the natural correlates of the salutogenic effects of nature

Arts & Culture: Our Stories: Art and Poetry in Healthcare - The renowned Irish poet, Tim Cunningham, reviews a new publication by Sue Ridge and John Davies featuring a unique arts and poetry collaboration at the North Middlesex University Hospital in the UK

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