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Natural Rhythms

Inspired by the healing benefi ts of nature, coupled with simple symmetry and modern abstracts, Secret Garden, the latest creation from Mosaic by Skopos, is a relaxing and rejuvenating collection ideally suited to enhance a variety of healthcare interiors.

Secret Garden has been created from a desire to work with nature’s own rhythm and the known benefits nature can have on an individual’s recovery rate. Such holistic benefits may include relaxation, stress reduction, decreased mental fatigue, restored mental clarity and an increased sense of wellbeing.

As a versatile and contemporary collection, consisting of seven serene and tranquil designs across an invigorating and uplifting colour pallet, Secret Garden is designed to work either as complementary pairs or as individual pieces to help create a sense of wellbeing and calm.

Notable design points include expressive organic forms, fluid waves and chambers of colour, all of which can be seen to reflect elements included within modern complementary medicine. All Secret Garden designs are printed on 100% polyester and are inherently flame-retardant, in addition to being fully washable to 71C for thermal disinfection.

Secret Garden is suitable for a variety of applications including: cubicle curtains, window curtains, counterpanes, and bedspreads.

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